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Whether you are beginner or having been doing Pilates for years, our Reformer classes are for you. 

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At Orofino Wellness, we believe in the power of joyful movement.  Our Pilates classes focus on building strength, improving flexibility and mobility and enhancing posture, all within a supportive and encouraging environment. As you flow through each session, you’ll feel more and more confident in your body and about what it can do.


Group Classes

50-minute Group Reformer Pilates Classes 

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50-minute Group Reformer Pilates Classes 

Private Sessions

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Wear something comfortable.  Most people like to wear workout clothes.  Form fitting clothing can be helpful to assess proper form during the class.  Most of all, we want you to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. 

Socks are great but not necessary.  If you have socks with grips on the bottom, those can be helpful to prevent slipping on the Reformer or floor. 

You are more than welcome!  Every class welcomes beginners.  Come a few minutes before class to meet the teacher. They will walk you through the machine and what to expect during the class. 


Yes, but please reach out to assess whether a private session might better suit you to build strength in other areas. 

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