How to *Start* Healing Your Relationship With Food

By Alona Orofino

01. Honor your body

If you hate your body, it’s very difficult to properly nourish it. start by accepting the body you are in today and then begin to listen to your internal cues and trust them Regardless of your size, you still need to feed yourself.

02. Start eating everything

Unless you have an allergy or true food intolerance, begin to eat all of the foods that you previously restricted. Make a list of all the foods you don’t eat because of food rules. One by one, eat each of these foods. Journal each experience and work on making peace with these foods.

03. Lead with compassion

It’s important treat yourself the way you would treat a dear friend, a beloved family member, or a child. Don’t beat yourself up for missteps. Approach each eating experience with curiosity and learn as you go.

04. Focus on self-care

We tend to lean on food as a coping mechanism because we don’t have enough self-care tools in place. If you fill the underlying need, you are less likely to turn to food.
Exercise, sleep, meaningful social connections and stress management tools like meditation, breathing, and yoga are just some of the ways that you can take care of yourself. start building your tool box and check in to see what you need before you turn to food.