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Creating Food Freedom for Everyone

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Food is not the enemy

You deserve to eat for pleasure and nourishment
Our work together will be a collaboration.  One that is fueled by your individual preferences, goals, and physical makeup.  All recommendations will be created uniquely to resolve symptoms and to empower you in your health journey.  In finding food freedom you will eat in a way that nourishes you and supports your health without dieting.
I help women heal their relationship with food. How? By encouraging you to…
  • Throw out what others have “told” you to eat. You are unique.
  • Reconnect to your body and what it needs for this stage in your life. Your body is smart.
  • Move in a way that brings you joy. You can feel good in the skin you’re in.
  • Eat with mindfulness and your intuition. You don’t have to let food “control” you. Let go of body shame. You are more than your size.
After working with me you will:
  • Know how to nourish yourself and enjoy your food
  • Love the skin you’re in and feel neutral about imperfections
  • Feel confident in the kitchen 
  • Move regularly in a way that feels great
  • Have the tools to manage stress and practice self-care 

Programs and Consultations

Signature Program

6 months $350/month or $2000 paid in full

This program is for anyone looking for in-depth Medical Nutrition Therapy.  The combination of weekly individual consults as well as optional group consultations, gives multiple ways to help you heal and become an Intuitive Eater. Meetings are held in person, virtually or via phone. 

  • Private consults are held every week.
  • One 1:1 Initial Consultation.
  • Customized weekly recommendations based on individualized goals and progress.
  • Unlimited messaging between sessions.
  • Personalized recipes and meal plans based on schedule and health needs.
  • Lab work review and analysis for nutritional therapy.
  • 30% off clinical-grade supplements.
  • Someone who believes in you and supports you.

Optional add on:

  • Functional testing including but not limited to, micronutrient status, stool testing, and hormone testing.
  • Clinical grade supplements 

Nourished with Confidence

12-week program $497

Imagine…you never have to go on another diet again. You have finally figured out a way to eat for pleasure AND eat for health. You don’t overthink food and you feel more confident in your body. The Nourished with confidence program includes:

  • In-person or virtual group calls
  • Self-paced video content
  • Worksheets and journal prompts
  • Group messaging between sessions
  • A designated partner to go deeper with throughout the program

Ala Carte Nutrition Consultations


A 50-minute consultation option for the individual that would like to touch base sporadically.  Includes review of test results prior to the session (if applicable) and a complete set of recommendations post-session. 

Alona listening to co-worker speak


Yes, but we won’t focus on weight during our work together.  Instead we’ll focus on your symptoms, how you feel, and more specific data like lab work.  We’ll work on a holistic approach to your health, not one that is based on weight. 

Yes and no.  Prescriptive meal plans can be helpful but reinforce the diet mentality.  During our work together, we want to equip you with how to prepare food and grocery shop consistently in a way that feels sustainable to you.  While we can work on meal planning and gather recipes based on your unique preferences and health concerns, we will not simply do a meal plan every week.  

Currently we do not.  If your insurance covers Nutrition therapy, we are able to provide a Superbill so that you can submit that for reimbursement.

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